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They did it… so can you!



$100,000 ($84,000 CASH) in 25 days

(First $18,000 full pay for 90 day coaching package)

From $15K months to $34,500 cash and $70,800 in sales within 33 days..WITH close to NO MARKETING. And then first $113,000 (19,000 DEPOSIT) 6 month corporate sale.


Contact: for details.

They did it… so can you!


From $5,000 months to $54,000 [$18K cash in 6 DAYS] TWO $26K (90 day) SALES after ONE live even + 90 min GROUP coaching. First multiple-mill per YEAR kind of CLIENT 😉


How To Close a $30,000 SALE While Working ONLY 5 days…per/YEAR 🙂 Take a Peek into a $400,000 MONTH💸 Worth of [GENIUS] Mindset That YOUR Mindset Coach knows NOTHING About 🙂


From $8,000 months to $50,000 in SALES ($25,000 Cash) in 30 days and already PRE-Scheduled $40,000 CASH for the next month. Warning: Three Day Weekends ARE Mandatory.


How to Get Asked For A $18,000 ($9,000 DEPOSIT) from a “non-promo” FB group and Deliver Client Result like $9K (8 Week) SALE to your New Client Within 48 HOURS.


From $15,000 [6 Month] Sale to First Ever $50,000 [4 Month] SALE. $19.5k deposit.


From $40,000 month to first 6 figure month: $110,000 booked in sales and $46,000 CASH 😉 A total of $250,000 cash in 8 months starting from ZERO.

🏆 Client Celebration: Alys Daly
$33,000 ($18,500 Cash) … In 19 DAYS ❤️
4 Sales
Warning: ONLY read if you’re ready to break EVERY rule you’ve learned about business building.

There are two types of coaching herds in this industry:

#1: The Spiritual Card Pulling Herd
This herd is all about divine timing … vaginal manifestation … and vibrations SO high, your Soul Mate can find you in the most unexpected place.
(…on a random Tuesday night)

#2: The Biz Strategy: “Follow My 1-2-3 Script BOX And You’ll Have Results, Too” Herd
Curious thing with this one, is the ONLY one making that $500,000 year … is the seller herself. 🤔

And then we have Alys G. Daly.
She doesn’t follow the herds, because she truly understands the meaning of the words:

After just 19 days she has:
👉 Jumped from charging $850 … to her FIRST $12,000 sale.
👉 Closed a $7,000 (90 day) full pay sale.
👉 Got asked for $7,000 ($3,500 deposit) 90 day sale … from ONE post.
👉 Then closed another $7,000 (90 day) sale.

All the way to $33,000 ($18,500 Cash).

And may I remind you:
👉 Her entire income since February 2021 was … $850.
👉 She had NO audience … as in no list. No FB group. No IG following.
👉 She also didn’t have a website. No fancy photoshoot (In fact: Her FAVORITE is selling in her pajamas ;))).
👉 She is also a MOM.

But as IF that wasn’t enough.
(And hold on tight for this one)

HER clients are closing $7,000 FULL PAY (90 day) sales … in just 48 HOURS.

And take a note of this:
When these clients signed up with her, they were all ALREADY working with another coach.
A coach that belongs to herd #2, that even after adding endless bonuses (and even more *paid* value to the program), have NO *f*%$$ idea how to deliver what Alys did in 48 HOURS. 🏆🎉💥

Impressive, yes?

Well … not for Alys.
This is what it looks like when you’re aware of your superpower, or that special thing only YOU can do … so for Alys, this has become NORMAL. ☺️

You don’t notice a separation between between intuition and strategy when you know YOUR special thing, you see.
In fact … YOU realize they were one and the same all along.
So you won’t fit into ANY herd and you transcend into the *WTF client results* realm. 😈

A realm where your intuition can TRULY BE of SERVICE … because you DELIVER to your clients something no “1-2-3 BOX” can deliver.

After all … being of SERVICE doesn’t just mean how many people sign up for your program, right?
It’s also about your CLIENT results. 🙂
At least in my world. 🔥

So look at Alys.
She GOT it.

And so can you.
But first you need to fluff your wings out of the Biz Box.
And UN-herd yourself 😉

Congrats to you, Alys!!!! ❤
It’s SO much fun!!

🏆Client Celebration: Carrie Kang
24 Hour Rebel Launch 
$39,700 in sales ($26,600 Cash) in 5 DAYS ❤️

2 Instagram posts. 2 FB posts. No webinar. No landing page. 

Who are we celebrating today? 
None other than the brilliant, Carrie Kang!

She is a rare business ninja. 😉 

How do I know? 
Well, because Carrie is NOT afraid of investing. 👊

Carrie had paid multiple 5 figures to be in many business & coaching programs. 
In fact, when I first spoke with her, I said: 
“Okei … you know everything about business, hehe. 😜 😜
The only thing you’re missing is the awareness of that thing ONLY you can deliver to your clients. Your special superpower.”

Her genius is all about connecting the UNconnectable, you see. 
Or she can easily scan your FB profile or Instagram strategy and show you “invisible” HOLES, no one has been able to show you before. 
These are holes someone TOLD you would work … but that in reality makes everything HARD & complicated. 
So when Carrie removes them, you don’t have to do 156 things anymore, only a couple … and your results explode … right away. ❤️🙌🏻

At the time we met, Carrie was in the process of launching. 
She had the email sequences, webinar, and she was being VISIBLE *DAILY* on Instagram. The problem was, she wasn’t getting the exact results she wanted. 😑

So despite being in another business program … she joined my client crew.

Now her sassy business ass could merge with my 24 Hour Rebel Launch 😈🙌🏻
And on our first call, we also created a new program that was around what ONLY she could do.

What happened next? 

With only 700 followers on IG.
And not even an FB personal profile ( …I had to ask her to make one lol 😜!). 

2 Posts on Instagram = $25,700 in sales. 
2 Posts on Facebook = $14,000 in sales. 

In 5 days, she made $39,700 in sales ($26,600 Cash). 

> Only NEW clients. 
> First $7,000 (90 day) full pay sale.
> Three more $7,000 (90 day) sales. $3.5K deposits. 
> 5 spots filled in her $2.5K Sales Academy Group (starting this June!).  

… NO landing page … 
… NO paid ads … 
… NO sales page (she created one after 4 days since she had too many DM’s to answer, lol) …
… NO team …
… NO webinar … 

Just HER special superpower + 24 Hour Rebel Launching ❤️
Epic, yes???? 😍😍

Congrats to you, Carrie!!
Your clients are so blessed to work with you!! ❤ 
You obviously rock! 

Now $50,000 cash months are waiting for you!! <3

🏆 Client Celebration: Anja Rangaard
$25,500 in 8 days
One Livestream = 7 Sales = $13,500 ($10,000 Cash) ❤️

💥 The Rebel Style Marketing Way 💥

You know how I always say the #1 rule in marketing is …
“If you do it RIGHT, once is enough??” 😏😏

Well, nobody embodies this better than the intelligent, Anja…
Anja is no ordinary business coach you see.
Her superpower allows HER clients to do stuff like:

>> Go from zero to a $5000 cash DAY … or … go from zero to 9 sales in just 7 days (!!).

Because Anja will dive into your current offer like a neuroscientist, and re-organize all the pieces so YOU have something unlike anyone else … and can LEAP your income.
No one understands better than Anja that SUSTAINABLE income (that’s 5-figure months with NO dips), cannot happen if you just focus on getting more sales …
… or changing your energy….
You have to focus on first having an unforgettable offer.

And now she did something wicked … again.

What did she do?

#1: Created a whole new (4 week) GROUP program based on her unique superpower.

#2: Filled up 7 seats with ONE livestream.

#3: Closed a $4.5K (30 day) intensive.

#4: A total of $25,500 in just 8 DAYS.

Cool, right??!
Congrats, Anja Randgaard 🎉🎉
You deserve every penny!

And for you, you can remember this:
Rebel style marketing is not about creating endless engagement or reaching out to 50 people … hoping someone will buy.
Rebel style is all about targeting YOUR person.
That is designed to work with your superpower.
(We’re using behavioral psychology to do this, BTW.)

So this can happen:
YOUR person sees you.
Watches your live.
Reaches out.

Marketing never was meant to be an EXHAUSTION tool or something you do 24/7.
It was meant to be EASY. ❤️
And if you do it ONCE and make $13.5K … that’s pretty EASY. 🙂

🏆 Client Celebration: Astrid
$32,000 in sales {$28,200 cash} … in just 30 days ❤️

(Just in case you want to see how someone with a Genius to see other people’s Genius … can LEAP).

Astrid knew she was good….
She was already working with her group clients on healing, spirituality & mindset, but she wanted MORE.
She wanted to give her clients 5-figure financial results, as well … using her magnificent Genius

This badass is naturally gifted at seeing other people’s Genius. (She sees visions for her clients on WHAT to deliver, or what they do the BEST … that NO other person can do).
Which means: **easy cash**

And as the incredible achiever she is, she crapped her panties, and invested …. BIG.
(Talking 5-figure big ).

And then what happened?

24 hours after our first session:
$14K in sales (two $7,000 in full packages)

4 days after:
$21K in sales (an $8,000 in full 90 day package)

… and within 30 days:
$32,000 booked ($28,200 CASH)

And her CLIENT results?
Client #1: from zero to $10,000 in 4 weeks.
Client #2: from zero to $14,000 in 4 weeks.
Client #3: from $10K to $19,000 in 4 weeks.

It’s been 30 DAYS and she already has 100% success rate in her private client crew….

Have you seen that anywhere else in this industry?
….Ehm, NO….

She is a unicorn.

And it’s not because of another “marketing 1-2-3 clone my system” approach. Not because she removed many of her mindset blocks.

But by removing ANYTHING in her packages that wasn’t coming from her Genius and seeing exactly HOW to deliver from her Genius, at the 5-figure fee.

Congrats to you Astrid!!!
It pays off to have an incredible Genius AND be brave …. like no other!

🏆 Client Celebration: Stephanie
How to Return Your 5-Figure Investment … 24 Hours After the First Session ($12,000 CASH in ONE day) ❤️
💥 The Rebel Style Way 💥

Who are we celebrating today?
None other than the FANTASTIC Stephanie Hill-Manuel.
Stephanie started her career in corporate (in fact: she used to be a Senior Project Manager of Manufacturing, building BATTLESHIPS FOR THE US NAVY).
So her superpower is hard-wired for management + efficiency.

In fact, her signature “The Wicked Profit And COO Method”, will collapse your yearly income into a MONTH with a team & structures so effective….
You don’t have to worry about “Sally” being late with her tasks anymore.
Or how to SUSTAIN the high cash months you really want.

(Proof: One of her clients has taken an $89,000 CASH/year salary and $300,000 in biz savings, from just ONE client … no joke!).

So what did SHE do in 24 Hours?
She returned her 5-figure investment (or made $12,000 CASH from just ONE client).

How is this possible, you may ask?

Well, first let me tell you how it’s NOT possible.

And that is with a common thing you’ve most likely been taught to do.  (Stephanie was too, and so was I.)

Which is to have these looooooong payment plans, that lasts after the program is over.

You know when a client signs up for a 90-day program, but the payment plan is 6 months?
That’s what I’m talking about.

This makes a 24 hour return on a 5-figure investment close to impossible, because this approach makes ZERO sense.

Unless all you’re looking for is an artificial high SALES month, with crumbles of CASH attached to it.

So in 24 Hours we switched this around.
A client that in the past “couldn’t pay” Stephanie was now on a loooong payment plan….
Suddenly the client paid $12,000 CASH in full.
No problemo.

It’s interesting how “clients that cannot pay” suddenly CAN when you own that thing ONLY you can do.

Because that’s ALWAYS the sign.
Owning your unique superpower = clients that previously “couldn’t pay”, start sending you FULL PAYS.
Like moth to a flame.

…So with that said:
This is badass. You are badass.

🏆 Client Celebration: Carrie
$90,000 ($84,000 CASH) in 60 days. 🔥
(Including $10,000 *10 week group* FULL PAY sales ❤️)





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