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VIP MODULE #1: On Track For $500K Year In Just 30 days ! 🙂
Turn Your 6 and 7-Figure PEERS Into Clients And Welcome Them Inside Your New 5-Figure Package. 
Close $50,000 – $25,000 cash  … and be on track for $500K year in just 30 days 🙂 
You already have the ability to sell and DELIVER to multiple 6 and 7-figure clients … in a way ONLY you can.
>> Every genius has its own main direction and you will know YOURS already before the first call.
>> Merge your existing offer & knowledge with your GENIUS abilities, so you’re READY to sign clients into your brand new 5-figure package … after the FIRST call 🙂
>> Gain the confidence and confirmation you need to have to create the perfect 5-figure offer for YOUR clients.
VIP MODULE #2: Get On Track For $500K - $600K Year With NO New Clients By Maintaining Your 6 And 7-Figure Clients … Because They Get Results NO other 7-Figure Coach Knows How To Deliver 😉
>> Understand the EXACT things ANYONE making less than $2,000 per month needs within the first 30 days … so they can have a BIG quantum leap.
(This includes how YOUR genius delivers this … vs ANYONE else).
And NO, building engagement is not on the list.  😉
>> Understand the EXACT things ANYONE making $7K – $10K (or even $50K per month) NEEDS in order to have a big quantum leap within the first 30 days.
(Of course … this including how YOUR genius delivers this, unlike anyone else). 
>> Get direct insights from Charlotte on exactly what YOUR clients needs … so you can fill your marketing with testimonials and get LONG-TERM clients that enjoy paying your 5-figure fees.  😉
VIP MODULE #3: Do what NO "attraction" marketing filled with engaging, connecting, commenting and chasing … have been able to do: Sell to multiple 6 and 7-figure clients with ONE (genius) personal message 🙂
>> Explode Your Consciousness Regarding WHO Is A Worthy Client Of YOU: 

Bring ANY 6 or 7-figure entrepreneur’s name, and see EXACTLY … why … YOU … are READY to receive them as a client.  🙂 

Psss: I will show you why you will deliver better results than ANY 7-figure coach out there, even if you’re not making 7 figures yourself yet.  😉


>> Understand the WHY behind this person’s unique psychology, from which part of their brain 🧠 they lean on while making decisions … to exact experiences they have never told anyone … that will MAKE or BREAK if they want to buy from YOU 😉 

But after this: ANYTHING you say, will be the right thing to say  🙂 
>> How to get this person to ask about YOUR genius and asking YOU for the 5-figure sale … without using ANY scripts 😉 

They did it… so can you!

From $15K months to $34,500 cash and $70,800 in sales within 33 days..WITH close to NO MARKETING. And then first $113,000 (19,000 DEPOSIT) 6 month corporate sale.



You get access to ALL the ($2.5k Level) Bootcamp calls AND bonus.. AND:

4th of January: 90 minute group call 10:00 AM NYT

You’ll get a pre-recorded audio all about your genius BEFORE this call 😉 

(released: Sunday 3rd of January 2021)

11th of January: 90 min group call at 10:00 AM NYT

18th of January: 90 min group call at 10:00 AM NYT

25th of January 90 min group call at 10:00 AM NYT

Access to Charlotte from Mon-Fri through our PRIVATE VIP Facebook Group. (PRICELESS!!)

If you have questions about payment or the program, email us here:

They did it… so can you!


From $5,000 months to $54,000 [$18K cash in 6 DAYS] TWO $26K (90 day) SALES after ONE live even + 90 min GROUP coaching. First multiple-mill per YEAR kind of CLIENT 😉


How To Close a $30,000 SALE While Working ONLY 5 days…per/YEAR 🙂 Take a Peek into a $400,000 MONTH💸 Worth of [GENIUS] Mindset That YOUR Mindset Coach knows NOTHING About 🙂


From $8,000 months to $50,000 in SALES ($25,000 Cash) in 30 days and already PRE-Scheduled $40,000 CASH for the next month. Warning: Three Day Weekends ARE Mandatory.


How to Get Asked For A $18,000 ($9,000 DEPOSIT) from a “non-promo” FB group and Deliver Client Result like $9K (8 Week) SALE to your New Client Within 48 HOURS.


From $15,000 [6 Month] Sale to First Ever $50,000 [4 Month] SALE. $19.5k deposit.


From $40,000 month to first 6 figure month: $110,000 booked in sales and $46,000 CASH 😉 A total of $250,000 cash in 8 months starting from ZERO.





For the VIP level we prefer bank-wires, which you can do by clicking the button above. If for whatever reason you have issues with transferring form your bank or want to pay via credit card, please email us here:

’I think this is perfect for me, but I need to be sure.

Can I talk to someone?’’

Yes! See this big button right below this answer?

Click that, and you’ll be taken to a place where you can book a call with Charlotte or a member of her team.
We’ll answer all your questions, and we’ll decide together if this is right for you. 😉

NOTE! We have limited spaces for these calls, so if you’re serious, book FAST to make sure you get yours!

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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