What will you LEARN?

so she collapsed her 6 figure months into her first 6 figure cash WEEK. 

NB! You will NOT get a sucky ass TEMPLATE you can copy. 
My Intuitive Profiler™️ process is template FREE. 

A real life SCRIPTED and SCREENSHOTTED DM conversation from an anonymous
7 figure business coach, that is both repelling AND making money at the same time.

(Yes, for every $5000 she makes she REPELS $50,000 cash). 
You will learn how this work. 
And NO … i’m not just talking about she didn’t upsell the person into X offer.

yet it’s NOT the most important thing
…if you want to collapse your month into a WEEK, 
using attraction marketing *ONLY*.

You will discover how you MARKET is how you do DMs.
And how you do your DMs is **EXACTLY** how you MARKET. 

NB! I don’t btw.
Use much attraction marketing. 

I use Intuitive Profiler™️ for content as well 😉 


The type of clients attracted to the
DM scripts you’ve been taught.

And WHO it repels.

If you want to level up the TYPE of clients you’re repelling (and the less CASH that comes with it)
you have to run FAR FAAAR away from questions like: 

**Can you tell me more about X problem? 
**What is your goal and when do you want it by? 
**May I ask you some questions about X?


*55 minutes *INSTANT ACCESS* training with REAL DM screenshots.

*35 minutes *INSTANT ACCESS* training on *HOW* my client did this. 
(A real life example of my Intuitive Profiler™️ process).


1 x LIVE 90 min GROUP ZOOM call: 
Get all your Q’s answered after you’ve soaked in the pre-recorded wisdom.


*My EYES in YOUR DM’s during the Zoom call.
Simply screenshot your chosen conversations, blur the names and bring them to our call.


Client Case Study Success Story: 

Double your 7 FIGURE year and get on track for $1.7M CASH … in 35 DAYS. 
$141,000 Sales ($116,000 CASH). 

And then … Your FIRST 6 Figure CASH … WEEK 😉

Then she did $321,000 ($286,000 CASH) in 35 DAYS. 😉

(Here we applied Intuitive Profiler™️ to her MARKETING and her TEAM as well).

AND she is not the only one enjoying the Intuitive Profiler™️: 


From inconsistent $10,000 months to $57,000 CASH in 30 days.
NO marketing.  

Including $18,000 (3 month) FULL PAY SALE from her EX-6 figure coach … in 4 DAYS. 

Using the Intuitive Profiler™️ in the DMs.


Charlotte, is it REALLY true your clients make this much from the DMs?

Yes. 100%.

This is why I added videos with my clients, so you know it’s REAL PEOPLE and with REAL names.
Names you can google.
I also outlined where it was NOT only Intuitive Profiler™️ in the DM’s, but my framework was also applied to both teams and marketing.
So you see the difference.

Is this for beginners or more advanced people?

If you make under 6 figure year income: 
This is brilliant for YOU. You will save yourself BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS. So it’s 100% for you as well. 

If above 6 figures or 7 figures: 
This is 100% made for you 🙂 

Will I make $100,000 cash in a week from this program?

No, you won’t.
1) It’s a $95 thingy.
2) I don’t promise 6 figure results based on a TEMPLATE.
You will see a TON of coaches do this with their ”proven 1-2-3 content/marketing/DM/scale/mindset” system accessible for only $200.
And yes, they give you templates in an attempt to keep that promise.
Mark the word: ATTEMPT.
And pay attention to their lack of .. client success rate.

My work is 3 levels UP. 
That place templates cannot reach.
That place the word ATTEMPT can’t exist.
That place where success becomes … INEVITABLE.
And that place time and space do NOT EXIST.

Do I need to have a lot of followers to make this work?

But you should ideally have a lot of DM conversations 😉

But it's only $95? Is this any good?

In the first video you’ll watch I open with this $95 thingy will be more valuable than your last 5-figure investment. 
Value doesn’t come from how much cash you make. 
But from the awareness of HOW it WORKS so you can do it over and over again 🙂

Will I experience your Intuitive Profiler™️ myself during this program?

No, not in its full glory.
That comes with a 5 figure price tag.
But you’ll see exactly how it works … and how you REPEL the cash right now front of you. 

How will I access the material?

Once you click the PAY button you’ll be directed to a site with a link to a private FB group. 
Join the group, and access the material. 

You will also get it via email. 
Link to the FB group. 

What's wrong with the DM scripts I've learned?

Everything money-mouth
Intuitive Profiler™️ starts when ANYTHING YOU SAY … is the RIGHT THING TO SAY.


INTUITIVE PROFILER™️ exists because I HATE burn out
and I HATE doing things the way everyone else are doing them. 

As a former *hard work* addict I REFUSE to send more than 3 DMs pr person. 
20 minutes MAX.
But I chat ONLY with the people who will return their 5 figure investment in CASH
… in 30 days or less. 

This is why EVERYONE who made consistent $5K-$10K CASH pr month have made *multiple* 5 figures in our first 7 – 30 days … as my higher level client. 
And then again. And again. And again. And again. 

Check Out:

Current price: $95
One payment.
No refunds.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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