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Hey there, I’m Charlotte Laubo Berg!

I created the Sales Rebellion 2020 to disrupt a stagnant sales industry 
long overdue for a change. You KNOW what I mean if you have:

Invested ton in ATTRACTION marketing with little to show for it.
No trouble getting prospects, but can never get the RIGHT prospects.
Followed sales SCRIPTS to the letter only to end up being GHOSTED.
Ever had a prospects accuse you to being PUSHY.

If this is YOU, truly understand how you feel.
How? Because I was once YOU.
Lucky for you,  it’s not too be late to turn things around.
WELCOME, Rebel… it’s time for change. 

You have a Sales Genius inside you and
it’s unique to you. Let’s unlesh it!

Q: Hate “dog and pony show” selling techniques that only end in frustration for you and your prospects?

The truth that I’ve uncovered is that sales are really NOT what we have been led to believe. A sale should be as easy as simply asking a prospect for their interest. More on that later.

Q: Tired of booking call after call with prospects who are unmotivated and uninterested?

Look past the screen and understand the power behind truly meeting YOUR people. Connect with individuals who you were BORN to work with.

You are just 20 SALES away from your first SIX figures.

Q: Ever felt like you can’t trust your own instincts? Ever lost faith in your ability to sell?

Me too. That was exactly one $500,000 annual business with just ONE virtual assistant ago. Believe in yourself!

You and I both have an innate SALES Genius. And you and I both already know how to sell in the way ONLY we can.

STOP marketing to the wrong prospects!

Q: Any prospect ready to buy is a good prospect, right?

Wrong. Sell to YOUR people.

Sell to people who may be FRUSTRATED over a lack of results. Ease their pain and you’ll get a customer for life!

Q: LIVE Genius Profiling Session: Care to take a dive into the mind of a 7 FIGURE Marketing Guru?

See through the eyes of my Genius and you will NEVER doubt yourself again.

Q: Okay, so what’s the formula?

It’s simple. 5 people = 20 SALES = your first SIX figures.

It’s time to discover EXACTLY how to transform your career and LEAP into sales figures that you literally could not even begin to believe.

No Marketing Needed! Book Your First
$10,000 MONTH Worth Of Sales Calls.


Facebook Messenger IS a $5,000 – $10,000 treasure box.

I’ll show you how to harness your network to and create authentic sales from people who ALREADY know you. These are YOUR people.

Get used to hearing: “YES! I would LOVE to talk to YOU! Thank you so much for sending this!


Real Geniuses lift each other up.

Want to approach 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs and provide them with REAL value?

Let’s do it! My clients do it ALL the time. I’ll teach YOU their secrets on Day #3 of our Rebellion.

I can’t WAIT to see you on the other side, Rebel!

But just so we’re clear:
If you have a roof over your head, an internet connection, can chat
online and have a massive desire to start 2021 with a BANG…

You can do this! Leave the HOW to me…



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