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 Just do like my clients:
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I know you’ve been taught to flaff around with a vaginal stick..
Or make an endlessly *boring* long sales page … 
Network with people “above your level” … 

Or heal your masculine and feminine side, yes? 

To manifest better clients? More Caaaaash? 

Well, today I have news for you: 

Let’s make this waaay more fun … and wicked 😉 

Don’t think of healing your masculine and feminine as two separate entities. 

… instead, reverse the pattern that runs through BOTH your masculine and feminine: 

*The … mysterious (unconscious) … POWER Wound*


The power wound is just ONE out of many behavioral patterns YOU AND the clients MEANT to work with you, possess…

In fact, this pattern is what links your LEGACY together, or why you are MEANT to work together.

(Many more patterns are revealed in my 4 Week Sales Bootycamp … mohaaa!!)


But for THIS Masterclass, you’ll learn all about how this specific pattern shows up … or:

… why your clients first seem EAGER to sign up with you, but change their mind 2 days later …
… why your first 7-figure client is ALREADY in your life (you just cannot see WHERE) …
… why you can switch from $1,000 packages to $18,500 packages and get a YES, in 7 DAYS …
… why the client who wants to sign up with you will ask for a REFUND 30 days from now

(and how to SPOT pain-in-the-ass) clients BEFORE you sign them…
… why you’re only ONE DM away from 5-figure CASH sale … THIS week. 


When you understand HOW the power wound shows up for YOU. 

You will see how it shows up for YOUR people as well. 

… Your sales calls will move from convincing to being ASKED for the sale … 
… ONE reach out = full pay sale… 
… You will NEVER have a fear of rejection ever again … 
… No matter what your people say, you WILL always know what to say to hear back: 

‘’Gosh….thank you! Where can I pay?’’
… Script FREE …


And not only that. 

You can spot how it shows up in your CLIENTS … AFTER … the sale, too. 

You know how my clients go from not having had clients return their investment to $140,000 CLIENT cash reputation in 23 days? 

That’s what I’m talking about.
That’s level #3. 

(Hyper leaps) 

That’s when the power-wound reversed itself at level #3, and your FEMME renegade integrated.  

Pretty fucking epic. 
Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th, and Wednesday 27th of July … 11:30AM EST
We’re hosting this amazing Masterclass about the Power Wound. 
This masterclass is $50. 


Friday it will go up to $100.

Cannot wait for you to SEE … Your Power 😉 <3 



I’m Charlotte Laubo Berg,
*The Norwegian Sales Viking*


If you’re a coach, consultant or online service provider,
you’ve come to the right place, because today I’m gifting you my no-cost 2 day

This is perfect if you have:

… Invested a ton in ATTRACTION marketing with only “waiving your KNICKERS in the air” thingies to show for it …

… Followed sales SCRIPTS to the letter only to end up being GHOSTED or worse, accused of being PUSHY …

… Been told that being SPIRITUAL will not sell …

… Been told to tone it DOWN …

See you on the inside, Renegade!!

Just to be clear:
If you have a roof over your head + working internet connection
… you can do this!

Leave the HOW to me 😉

Charlotte Laubo Berg

Here’s What Our Clients Say:

How To Close $12,000 SALE … in 24 HOURS
(With ONE Genius Profiler BONUS) 

From ZERO to $27,000 CASH in 35 DAYS
(First $5,000 90 day package in full)

From inconsistent $20K months to
$65K in sales and $57K cash
after 31 days

From $40 in the bank to your FIRST $12,000
SALE, $20,000 in sales and $6,200 cash
within 40 DAYS

From $2K months to $11.2K in sales / $6,500 cash in less than 35 days.
(Including first $6K (90 day) package)

From (inconsistent) $20K months to $48,000 in sales and $39,000 cash with 5 sales
within 30 days

From NO sales in 6 months to $2300 in
7 DAYS [ASKED for the sale$].
[total of $7300 in sales / $5500
ca$h after 35 DAYS]

From $4,000 a month to $53,000
in 72 hours.
Fastest $50K SALE
record broken!

From 1-2 customers per month
to 6-8 per WEEK.

(and $8,500 CA$H per month
is now your new level)

From NO $10,000 sale in 13 months
to $12,000 sale 72 HOURS
after first session (!!) and after
4 months: $173K in cash

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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