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If You Can CHAT You Can Do This


Hey there, I’m Charlotte Laubo Berg! 


THE Sales Rebellion 2020 invitation you have been greeted with on this page is MY response to the current state of things in our industry and the world around us. We are overdue for a change.

You KNOW what I mean if you have:

… invested a ton in ATTRACTION marketing with only “waiving your KNICKERS in the air” thingies to show for …

… followed sales SCRIPTS to the letter only to end up being GHOSTED or worse accused of being PUSHY …

… been told that being SPIRTUAL will not sell …

… been told to tone it DOWN …


If this is YOU I really really get what it feels like.

Because this was ME.

And YOU are so in the right place.

WELCOME Rebel … it’s time for a change.

You Have An Innate [SALES] Genius: You Already Know How To Sell At ANY Fee … In A Way ONLY You Can.

>> Hate endless ”pony & stick show” selling followed by struggle with “DON’T want to change … or pay” clients?
The dirty secret I have discovered IS: sales are NOT what we have been thought.
Your sales are meant to be as easy as being ASKED for sale [I’ll show you why].


 >> Sales are THE most powerful consciousness transformational tool we know… when done RIGHT.
You are 20 SALES away from your first SIX figures.
Forget your client AVATAR and understand the power behind truly meeting YOUR people for the first time.
People BORN to work with you. All 5 of them [not a typo].


>> Ever been told that “being Spiritual” will NOT sell?
Me too.
That was exactly one $500,000 yearly business with just ONE VA away.
You … just like me … have an innate [SALES] Genius.
And you … just like me … already know how to sell in the way ONLY you can.

STOP Selling To The People Ready To Say YES … Just Like EVERY Other Coach Out There.

>> Sell to the people ready to say YES … right?
Sell to YOUR people ALREADY working with someone else, endlessly FRUSTRATED over lack of results.
No need for lead generation because your competition has already done that … FOR you.


>> LIVE [Genius] Profiling Session: fancy taking a peak into a 7 FIGURE guru’s mind?
See thru the eyes of my Genius and you will NEVER need to feel like a FRAUD again.
MESS … as you will see … have NOTHING to do with the size of the yearly sales.


>> 5 people = 20 SALES = your [first] SIX figures [still not a typo].
It’s time to see EXACTLY why working with YOU will result in transformational LEAP your 7 FIGURE counterpart cannot even conceive … for your client’s mind, heart and bank account.

You Need ZERO Marketing To Book To Your First $10,000 MONTH Worth Of Sales Calls.

>> Your FB messenger IS a $5,000 – $10,000 treasure box … right now as we speak.
Allow me to show you how to authentically private message people you ALREADY know saying things that they have been WAITING to hear.
Get used to hear: “YES … I would LOVE to talk to YOU! Thank you so much for sending this!!!”


>> Can you reach out to someone you DON’T know and get a “thank you SO much” note … from multi  6 or 7 figure entrepreneurs? [even if they are way ahead than you]
Absolutely … my private clients do it ALL the time.
I’ll teach YOU how on the day #3 of our Rebellion.

I can’t WAIT to see you on the other side Rebel!!!

Just to be clear:

If you have a roof over your head + working internet connection + massive desire to start 2021 with a BANG …

and you can CHAT … you can do this! Leave the HOW to me …

©2022 Charlotte Laubo-Berg. All rights reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Financial Disclaimer

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