90 Minute {Intuitive Profiler Marketing} WEEK = $15,000 Cash
You Are 5 PEOPLE Away from Your
$250,000 Year



During this 40 minute video you’ll learn:



1: Why 90 Minute {Intuitive Profiler Marketing} WEEK

= $15,000 Cash



2: Why You Should Forget About Lead Generation
And Attract Only RENEGADE Clients Who Are NOT Ready to Say YES, Instead.



3: Why Your Next (Or First) 5-FIGURE Testimonial is ALREADY Working with Someone Else.



4: The ONLY Funnel You Will Ever Need For $250,000 with 5 PEOPLE.
If You Can Create an FB Post, You ALREADY Know How to Do This.




5: How to OVERdeliver on the Promise Behind Your 5-FIGURE Fee in 7 DAYS. Because This Feeling Like a FRAUD Thing Does NOT Exist.**




And Oh!

I’m Charlotte Laubo Berg,
*The Norwegian Sales Viking*


If you’re a coach, consultant or online service provider,
you’ve come to the right place, because today I’m gifting you my
amazing no-cost video.

This video is perfect if you have:

… Invested a ton in ATTRACTION marketing with only “waiving your KNICKERS in the air” thingies to show for it …

… Followed sales SCRIPTS to the letter only to end up being GHOSTED or worse, accused of being PUSHY …

… Been told that being SPIRITUAL will not sell …

… Been told to tone it DOWN …

See you on the inside, Rebel!!

Just to be clear:
If you have a roof over your head + working internet connection
… you can do this!

Leave the HOW to me 😉

Charlotte Laubo Berg

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Rebel Style Marketing

How To Close $12,000 SALE … in 24 HOURS
(With ONE Genius Profiler BONUS) 

From ZERO to $27,000 CASH in 35 DAYS
(First $5,000 90 day package in full)

From inconsistent $20K months to
$65K in sales and $57K cash
after 31 days

From $40 in the bank to your FIRST $12,000
SALE, $20,000 in sales and $6,200 cash
within 40 DAYS

From $2K months to $11.2K in sales / $6,500 cash in less than 35 days.
(Including first $6K (90 day) package)

From (inconsistent) $20K months to $48,000 in sales and $39,000 cash with 5 sales
within 30 days

From NO sales in 6 months to $2300 in
7 DAYS [ASKED for the sale$].
[total of $7300 in sales / $5500
ca$h after 35 DAYS]

From $4,000 a month to $53,000
in 72 hours.
Fastest $50K SALE
record broken!

From 1-2 customers per month
to 6-8 per WEEK.

(and $8,500 CA$H per month
is now your new level)

From NO $10,000 sale in 13 months
to $12,000 sale 72 HOURS
after first session (!!) and after
4 months: $173K in cash

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