Diverge The Herd Of Unique Copycats,

Effortless 24/7 Slaves And Other “Sell My Ass For It”

Coaching Flora & Fauna.


Erase Words Like:

Limiting Beliefs or 3 Day Challenge

Or Any Kissing Activity Passed On As

Marketing… By Your Coach.

Get ASKED For 5-Figure SALE.

You know this feeling, right?


Or *THE* dilemma.

Should you put your face in the blender?
Or should you write another ‘value’ post?

It’s a toughie.

Sure, the sales are OK.
5-figure months are OK.

But at this point, blender doesn’t seem so bad.
Neither does taking out the trash, right?

Marketing or drudgery?
Who can tell the difference?


Maybe it would allllllll magically go away if you

gave it to a team-member?
Like your coached suggested?

And HEY…

Speaking of your 7 figure coach.

(The one you invested waaay more than $10,000 in btw ;).

She is pumping out marketing as if THE five-star-
general was pointing a GUN at her face.

As if something terrible ….TERRIBLE…. would happen if she didn’t OBEY.


**Another ‘’value’’ post?

**Another behind-the-scenes thing?

**Another Instagram STORY (explaining) selling your offers?



Comment. Comment. Comment.
And then engage some more.


It’s great fun, no?

Don’t blame Harry for buying some crack though.
Even Hogwarts school of Witchcraft do not know

the cure for this madness.


Got it?

I have some GOOD news for you 🙂

That ‘’throw me in the blender’’ feeling is NOT

limiting belief.

Nor trauma in need of healing.

(Trust me, I was sexually abused many times as
a kid, so I know what I’m talking about).

What you experience is simply a natural effect of
being exposed to one of the absurd addictions
in the coaching industry:

(Ans yes, invisible army men are ALWAYS

attached to this one).


The Fixation?

Barbie Dolls & Kens.
Good girls & behaved little boys.


The Unspoken Tagline?

If you don’t colour inside the lines ….

NO success for you.

The kind of success you REALLY want.

If you DON’T follow the ‘rules’.

You know.

Marketing templates (marketed as NO templates)

be thy HOLY grail.

The (rollercoaster) 5 figure months will be YOUR fault.

As in YOU didn’t do all the work.

According to HER.
Your coach.


The biiiig question. 


Do you want another round in the kitchen? 

Send your team-member to HER kitchen? 


Do you want to FIRE your army man? 

The one your coach transferred FROM her

TO you?


And have some FUN…for a change? 


Remember fun? 


$75,000 cash month(s) without FUN.

Doesn’t seem so attractive, right? 


ACCESS the UN-seen parts inside the complex 

Universe called:


#1: YOUR unconscious mind.

#2: YOUR (new) people unconscious mind. 

(The people that will become your NEW clients.

The ones that will RETURN their 5-figure investment in you in cash….in 30 days). 


#3: YOUR nightmare clients unconscious mind. 

(The prospects and clients that are widely attracted to your army man, 

your coach eagerly, unconsciously, gifted you). 

Grant access 4-Levels-Down.

To that place neither you, your therapist OR your coach knew existed….



ANY army men or Barbie Dolls 

attempting to come in.

And slay your (first) $75,000 cash MONTH!

*THIS month*. 



HOW this pixie-dust work? 

(ALL 4 steps are done FOR you, 

by THE Intuitive Profiler herself).



4 levels down into *YOUR* unconscious MIND with ONE intuitive profiler PROFILE.


MEET your UNIQUE Intuitive And Cognitive Architecture #L1.

(The why behind WHY your army man will be gifted BACK to your coach). 

>> #1: Access your unique INTUITIVE architecture #L1:

*Or the reason why even your 7-figure coach would ask YOU for the sale after she sees

*THIS* glory about you.

You are a UNICORN.

>> #2: Access your unique COGNITIVE architecture #L1:

*For how YOU think…cannot be copied.

Or repressed with a marketing TEMPLATE. 



You get access to the pieces about YOU,

you need to know to receive 5-figure sales THIS week. 

The rest of your special unconscious Universe,

or the mental DNA that makes up YOU,

it is not necessary for you to know in this program 😉

Something. Fun. For. Later. 

[Step #2]


into the unconscious mind of your devoted

following on a mission to make you MISERABLE.

Forget about certified PAIN-in-the-AR$E people you were told are NORMAL.

*STOP, unknowingly, writing TO them*

The intuitive profiling happens on 3 different levels simultaneously:


Level 1:

People asking for the payment link (then silence). 

People with objections (ALL of the objections). 


Level 2:

People paying 5-figures in full. 

Then later ask for refund, blame YOU or use the Victim card in any way.


Level 3:

People getting fantastic results with you. 

Everything is great, until they do NOT want to give you credit (publicly).

Praise another mentor for the results, and leave you behind as if YOU never happened.

>> Access THEIR Unconscious Mind with Intuitive Profiler #L1

And See:

#1: How exactly they are SO attracted to the Army Man you received. 

#2: How their EXACT addiction to suffering works,

and how they drag YOU specifically into it.

#3: And precisely how YOU are marketing *directly* to them. 

Unknowingly, of course. 

So you can STOP. 

[Step #3]


Your people.

The people with a MIND meant to receive

YOUR Unique Intuitive And Cognitive Architecture #L1.

They come in 3 levels. 

Intuitively Profiled *FOR* you. 


(Because yes, this is NOT about just ‘’getting a 5-figure sale with TONS of Instagram stories’’,

my friend).

Level 1:

*5-figure full pay sale + 

they will ALWAYS be grateful no matter what happens. 

Level 2:

*5-figure full pay sale + a LIGHT unconscious DRIVE #L1: 

They get:

5 figure CASH results in 30 days with YOU. 

Level 3:

*5-figure full pay sale + a DARK unconsious DRIVE #L2:

They get:

6-figure CASH in LESS than 30 days with YOU. 

Like This: 


From $10,000 months to $84,000 cash in the first 30 DAYS working with Charlotte. 


Her new #L2 client?

From $2,000 months $144,000 cash in 22 days. 

Then $422,000 cash in 90 DAYS. 


Before working with Charlotte,

Michaela had never closed a 5 figure full pay sale,

or ever delivered a 5 figure cash results to any

of her clients as a consequence of her business coaching. 


These people hide in your existing audience, peer-group, email-list,

AND those secret places you haven’t even dared to look yet 😉 


Hint: It’s BETTER than what you can imagine right now…. 

You are MADE for each-other.


[Step #4]


To YOUR People. 

100% free of Barbie Doll marketing RULES.





Offline Speaking? 

Or maybe you prefer NO marketing? 

Your Cognitive Architecture #L1 Will Tell Us

WHERE and HOW it will be the easiest for

YOU to be asked for sale. 


NO Army men. 

NO bull**.

>> Access YOUR People’s “ASKING YOU FOR SALE”

Unconscious Area Through The Intuitive Profiling:

And whisper the exact thing no-one told them before…


their unconsious mind explodes with love for


…like a nuclear bomb… 

‘’When can we start?’’

always follows this. 

AND practically, if you’re anything like my clients, it will look like this:


One Masterclass = $50,000 full pay *group* SALE in 72 hours 🙂


NO marketing + ONE 20 min DM = $18,000 full pay sale from her EX-6 figure coach.

#L1 Light Drives Client Results:

From $18,000 in 4 months to $39,700 ($26,600 cash) in FIVE days.

Then $90,000 ($84,000 cash) in 60 days.

From $15,000 months to $84,000 ($41,000 cash) in 33 days.

Then her FIRST $113,000 ($19,000 cash deposit) 6 month SALE.

From $25,000 in 4 MONTHS to first $80,000 ($55,000 CASH) WEEK. 
After 4 months: $173,000 cash. 


Intuitive Profiler #L2:

See The Naked Truth Inside The Unconscious Mind Of

Your Previous/Current 7-Figure Coach.

Dive ocean deep into her UNconsious storm,

that blows under the 7-figure numbers,

champagne, Chanel bags & ‘’feminine’’ marketing. 


That storm she doesn’t even know is there herself. 

Even after YEARS with healing. 




#1: How SHE uniquely puts marketing over the mind. 

(and how she transferred it, unintentionally, to you).


#2: Her exact client issues she wouldn’t tell you about

(and HOW they are unconsciously given to YOU too). 


#3: Her secret team challenges (that even if YOU do not have a team,

will impact how easy YOU sign up clients). 


And oh….

#4: What HER unique intuitive and cognitive

architecture really is. 

How she is NOT seeing her glory, and why YOU

want to scream: ‘BORED….with my marketing’ because of it.

After this call you will ERASE thoughts like: 

‘’I didn’t hit $70,000 month yet because some

limiting belief, or didn’t follow the strategy properly’’.


YOU. Were. Not. The. Main. Problem. My. Dear.

And oh…

You’ll walk away with the confidence SHE should

ask YOU for the sale next 😉 

Which is exactly what happened for Emma, my client:

#L2 Dark Drives Client Results: 


$100,000 ($84,000 CASH) in 25 days

(First $18,000 full pay for 90 day coaching package)

First 6 figure cash month CLIENT results. 


DOUBLE Your 7-FIGURE Year And Get On Track For $1.7M CA$H … In 35 DAYS.
$141,000 Sales ($116,000 CA$H). 

Next month: FIRST $321,000 ($286,000 CASH).



From $150,000 months to FIRST $500,000 ($340,000 CASH) in 5 1/2 weeks.


Entry Level: 

$7,500 full pay. 

VIP level: 

$15,000 full pay. 

Entry Level Delivery:

2 Private 90 Minutes Call. 


1 GROUP call: 

Intuitive Profiler #L2: 

See The Naked Truth Inside The Unconscious Mind

of Your 7-Figure Coach. 


Voxer Access to Charlotte. 

4 Weeks. 


Financial results you can expect:  

$35,000 cash. 


VIP Level Delivery:

4 Private 90 Minutes Call.

1 GROUP call:

Intuitive Profiler #L2: 

See The Naked Truth Inside The Unconscious Mind

of Your 7-Figure Coach. 

Voxer Access to Charlotte.

4 Weeks.


Financial results you can expect:

$50,000 cash to $120,000 cash.

7-Figure Gal?

From $150,000 cash to $350,000 cash month. 


Next round start date:


Q & A:

Is this for me if I’m not a 6 or 7-figure entrepreneur?


Sadly, NO. 


For info about Charlotte’s $3,000 group program.

Designed for people under 6 figure cash year.

DM here.

Or email us here with subject: ‘Info about $3K group’.


What is the refund policy? 


My dear.

If you even think of the R word….

This program is NOT for you 😉

More Client Results?


From inconsistent $20K months to $65K in sales and $57K cash after 31 days.


From $5,000 months to 
$52,000 ($18K cash in 6 DAYS).
First million pr YEAR kind of CLIENT.


From $8,000 months to
$50K In SALES ($25,000 Cash) In 30 DAYS
And Already Scheduled $40,000 CASH for

NEXT month.


From (inconsistent) $20K months to $48,000 in sales and $39,000 cash with 5 sales within 30 days.


$400,000 cash month +

$30,000 SALES While Working Only 5 DAYS … Per/ YEAR 🙂


From $4,000 month to $53,000 in 72hours. Fastest $50K SALE record broken.


About Charlotte:


The Norwegian Sales Viking.

THE Intuitive Profiler.


Since 2015.

She entered the coaching industry after a huge burnout at just 21 years old. 

After much up and down, and after 1.5 years, she had her first $9,000 WEEK 👏🏻💰

Her biggest drive has always been: CREATIVITY. 

Before this business, Charlotte was pursuing a professional singing career.

(West End Leading Roles – nothing less). 

But that Burn-Out in 2013 would change her life. 


She is allergic to anything boring, usual and AVARAGE. 

Now she has created a business which have generated:

For HER: 

First 6 figure cash months. 

($140,000 cash).

First $50K sales. 

First $100K (9 month) Sales. 

First LIVE VIP 5-Figure Seats. 


Her client results?

Some of them are on this page 😉


To sum up:

FUN disrupts the avarage.

Because what is the point with business unless it’s FUN?  

EMAIL US HERE: contact@charlottelauboberg.com

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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