They did it… so can you!


$100,000 ($84,000 CASH) in 25 days

(First $18,000 full pay for 90 day coaching package)


From ZERO to $27,000 CASH in 35 DAYS.

(First $5,000 90 day package in full).


From $1,000 For Selling Website Design To $18,000 [6 Month] Sale … In 7 Days


From $13,500 to $22,700 CASH … in 30 Days

(ONE rebel style comment = Full Pay Sales 🔥🙌🏻)

How to Return Your 5-Figure Investment TWICE in 9 Days

DOUBLE Your 7-FIGURE Year And Get On Track For $1.7M CA$H … In 35 DAYS.
$141,000 Sales [$116,000 CA$H]

I’m sure you noticed that I’m making it easy for you to succeed. And it is also clear that the idea of mastering the skill of ‘’Selling WITHOUT selling’’ and slaying your $10,000 month or DAY is speaking to you since you have read this far.

The real question here is:

If you go through this program, sell a few $5,000 packages in full, while mastering the strategy that allows you to do this ANY time you want in your business – with a simple conversation or FB post

How much is that skill worth to YOU?

What would you DO with this extra money?

Who would be in charge of your decisions – YOU or money?

How would you behave when planning travel? (Because we WILL travel….again ;)).

Would you travel squashed like a sardine in an economy seat for 10 hours eating plastictasting food, or would you travel with Prosecco in your hand, with luxurious space to read and rest knowing that you could write a post on the plane and recoup the entire investment you paid for your Business Class tickets?

Do you think you would need permission from your partner when deciding to invest in that program you really WANT?

Would YOU be seen as a capricious child spending money again and met with an eyebrow raise, while trying to stutter your way through the reason for that “business investment”?

Or could you simply inform your family that YOU just invested in a new program and tell them how excited YOU are to work with your new mentor, while being met with a “she knows what she’s doing” look?

But you see, this will not just manifest out of nothing 😉

You have to give something in return.

You have to stop making yourself AVAILABLE for struggle.

Yes, YOU can choose NOT to struggle…by making a fierce decision TODAY.

And look – if you make your fierce decision today I will make it really easy for you.

You don’t have to make the LEAP of faith and invest $10,000 or more in private coaching in order to learn this.

You just need to take a…STEP.

I’m meeting YOU half-way. 😉

The value of this program is AT LEAST five times its full price of $3,000.

The BONUS #1 alone was created from the DM strategy I developed only for my clients, responsible for their $110,000 weeks and consistent $40,000 cash months 🙂

….And to further set you up for success, here is our “why we don’t offer refunds” paragraph:

So, just to recap all of the goodies you are receiving when signing up for *THE Sales [R]evolution: 2022 Bootcamp*:

Ignite Your Innate [SALES] Genius: Sell What ONLY You Can Do To The People BORN To Work With YOU.

You Are 20 Genius [SALES] Conversations Away From Your First SIX Figures.

Disobey The SIX Figure “1-2-3 Clone Factory” Business Strategy:
Lead Generation AND Copywriting IS Something OTHER People Do … FOR You … FOR Free.



24Hr [INTUITIVE] P R O F I L E R: Workshop [Level 1]


The (R)evolutionary Money Bootcamp


The (R)evolutionary Marketing Schedule

‘We don’t offer any refunds after purchasing this program’

The reason is:

In order to create amazing success in your business (and life), you CANNOT have any ‘’back doors’’.

Your focus, actions & mind needs to be set on ONE outcome …that is *success*…

and not contemplate another option.

The *no refund policy* is a gift for you, so you develop the right mindset you need to succeed now.

…and for the REST OF YOUR LIFE 🙂

They did it… so can you!


From inconsistent $20K months to $65K in sales and $57K cash after 31 days.


From $40 in the bank to your FIRST $12,000 SALE. $20,000 in sales and $6,200 cash within 40 DAYS


From $2K months to $11.2K in sales / $6,500 cash in less than 35 days.
(Including first $6K (90 day) package.


From (inconsistent) $20K months to $48,000 in sales and $39,000 cash with 5 sales within 30 days.


From NO sale in 6 months to $2300 in 7 DAYS [ASKED for the sale$]. [total of $7300 in sales / $5500 ca$h after 35 DAYS].


From $4,000 month to $53,000 in 72hours. Fastest $50K SALE record broken.


From 1-2 customers per month to 6-8 per WEEK.
(and $8,500 CA$H per month is now your new level)


From NO $10,000 sale in 13 months to $12,000 sale 72 HOURS after first session (!!) and after 4 months: $173K in cash.

Will this work for me if I’m NOT a business coach?
{and don’t sell to coaches?}

Errity Jones: Spiritual Coach / Healer
$8217 cash ($8550 in sales)

Milissa: Photographer
$5500 cash ($10,000 in sales)

Jemese: Sex / Empowerment Coach
$4500 cash ($7800 in sales)

Ishani: Empowerment Coach
$3000 cash ($3000 ONE sale)

Haley Smith: Astrologist
$2000 cash ($2000 in sales)

Senem Regina: Love Coach
$2400 cash ($2400 from ONE 30 day sale)

Elizabeth Karina: Love Coach
$16,000 cash (16,000 in sales) in 7 DAYS

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just figure it all out on my own?

I know a lot of coaches would answer: ‘’Yes, but it took me five years + 1,000s of dollars to gather the knowledge and filter it through trial and error into the laser-focused information you will receive in this program. Don’t you want a 30 day shortcut?’’

But I’m going to say NO, you cannot.
If you already knew HOW to sell that thing ONLY you can do, you obviously would have DONE so by now, and not be interested in this program.

The great thing about being human, is we need co-operation in order to thrive.

NO-ONE thrives alone, and I’m here to help you see that AMAZING sales-genius inside of you, so you can enjoy the benefits of it. 😉

How is this program different from every other x, y, z... sales program?

Simple. Read our testimonials again, and compare with ANY other $2,500 program out there.
You simply won’t find anything that compares 😉

What if I’m too busy?

Then you need this program more than anyone else.

This is the FASTEST and most effective group program the coaching industry have seen so far, and you can make $10,000 CASH after just TWO conversations.

And those two conversations you can have TODAY.

(Even if you think ‘’you don’t have quality leads around you to talk to’’).

Do I need a website, FB group or a BIG audience?

Absolutely NOT.
I built a $500,000 year business with only ONE VA, with no website, no FB group and I didn’t even have a SALES-PAGE.

I had an average 100 views on each of my Livestreams, and typically 5-10 comments.

(I also worked 4-6 hours pr day, and had 2 – 3 days OFF every week ;))

So it’s safe to say:


What if I can’t afford it?

Look, I know how much it sucks to invest, do ALL the work given, and NOT get the results you want.

I was there, and I’ve coached my clients into incredible success from that place as well.

But remember one thing.
What would you want your CLIENTS to do if they didn’t think ‘’they could afford it’’?

And what kind of clients do you WANT?

Because your answer could TRANSFORM your bank account.

Do you want clients that invest, tries to succeed, and then quit because of finances?

Or do you want resilient clients, that will find a way to succeed with YOU …no matter what their financial circumstance now or later?!

Luckily, you don’t have to answer these questions right now.

Your actions will do that for you, as they continually manifest the kind of clients that acts the same as YOU 😉

Is there a Facebook group with this program?

YES! You’ll get access to our private FB group when you sign up 😉

This is where all daily conversations and questions will take place, you will celebrate your success and where you’ll see all your fellow ladies KICK ASS!! 😉 <3

Don’t I need a one-to-one program? Maybe I should try that instead.

I totally get why you’d feel the pull to sign up for a one-on-one program, especially because most group programs out there simply do no deliver much ….but let me tell you this.

It’s my FUNDAMENTAL belief, no one NEEDS to pay a private coach $5,000, $10,000 or $50,000 to make $10,000 cash in 30 days.

The client success stories you see from this group is MUCH better than what you normally will receive in a one-to-one program.

Our clients usually tell us that too 😉

The ONLY thing I think is fair, is if you invest $2,500, and then make $10,000 CASH in 30 days.
So only AFTER the cash is in your bank, should we spark the conversation about private work together …because then it will be EASY for you to pay 😉

Did all of these clients really get these results from the Bootcamp?

Great question!

I’m all about transparency, so here are the stats:

Everyone that made $16,000 CASH and ABOVE attended my private 30 day intensive 🙂

They were all people that had already made $5,000 – $10,000 months, so they needed different strategies than what my Bootcamp delivers.

All other testimonials came directly from my Bootcamp, including going from selling $1,000 website packages to an $18,000 (6 month) sale in 7 days 😉 

If you experience any issues or simply want to ask a question, email us at:

I can’t wait to witness and facilitate your success while you implement and make this system work for you – creating more free time and the financial independence you deserve. 😉


PS: If you feel called to this program…if reading this page has left you bursting with excitement and inspired with possibilities…then I would like to ask you to do something: Make your decision to commit to “THE Sales [R]evolution: 2022 Bootcamp right now BEFORE you leave this page.

You see, if you say to yourself “I will do this later”, you probably never will.
Your past  will kick in and diligently do everything to make you stay in the exact place where you are right now.

This program is not just about you making x, y, z amount of money, but rather have you ignite your sales GENIUS, so the people born to work with you … can sign up with YOU.

Slaying your first $10,000 month….week …or DAY becomes EASY then.

And that, my friend, is the difference between sales success and sales struggle.

So, are you ready to make 2023 the BEST year of your life ….so far!?





For payment options, email us:


Contact for price
& program




PRE-recorded BONUS 1: 24Hr [GENIUS] P R O F I L E R: Workshop [Level 1], can be accessed immediately after signing up

PRE-recorded BONUS 2: The (R)evolutionary Money Bootcamp, can be accessed immediately after signing up

PRE-recorded BONUS 3: The (R)evolutionary Marketing Schedule, can be accessed immediately after signing up

NOTE: Bonuses are found in our FB group, so you have to join that and get the access 😉 

20th of March (90 min LIVE call)

21 of March (90 min LIVE BONUS call)

22 of March (90 min LIVE BONUS call)

27th of March (90 min LIVE)

30th of March (90 min LIVE)

                                                                                            3rd of April (60 min LIVE)



Recordings will of course be available after each call within 24 hours in our private FB group.

Contact us for VIP schedule here:

’I think this is perfect for me, but I need to be sure.

Can I talk to someone?’’

Yes! See this big button right below this answer?

Click that, and you’ll be taken to a place where you can book a call with Charlotte or a member of her team.
We’ll answer all your questions, and we’ll decide together if this is right for you. 😉

NOTE! We have limited spaces for these calls, so if you’re serious, book FAST to make sure you get yours!

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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