$10K month is only 2 sales away. 


$10K month is only 7 days, 21 days or 30 days away.

From ZERO to $27,000 CASH in 35 DAYS.

Imagine this:

You’re fired from your job, and you’ve got $1,400 in the bank.

8th of January: You have NO business and no clients.

15th of January: You sign up for the *Enchanted Selling* Bootcamp.

17th of January: $5,000 full pay.

19th of January: $5,000 full pay.

24th of January: You’ve done another $5,000 and one $1,000 sale.

By February 20th: $37,000 booked [$27,000 ca$h].



No, that was exactly what happened for my client Lorna Johnson, who later turned into my private client.

As a private client she made her first $160,000 booked ($60K cash month), but the game changer for her was my $ignature Bootcamp: *Enchanted Selling*.

So How Does The Enchanted Selling Bootcamp work?

3 LIVE group calls filled with the best sales content out there.

3 Bonus calls starting the 21st of December to prepare you for the success.

1 Extra call on 26th of January just to help solidify all that we have discussed.


And inside each call? 😉


December 21st at 4:30 pm Oslo time / 10:30 am EST: BONUS CALL #1

December 22nd at 4:30 pm Oslo time / 10:30 am EST: BONUS CALL #2

December 28th at 4:30 pm Oslo time / 10:30 am EST: BONUS CALL #3


January 5th at 4:30 pm Oslo time / 10:30 am EST: MODULE #1 90 minute LIVE CALL Ignite Your Innate [SALES] Genius: Sell What ONLY You Can Do To The People BORN To Work With YOU

January 12th at 4:30 pm Oslo time / 10:30 am EST: MODULE #2 – 90 minute LIVE CALL You Are 20 Genius [SALES] Conversations Away From Your First SIX Figures

January 19th at 4:30 pm Oslo time / 10:30 am EST: MODULE #3 – 90 minute LIVE CALL Disobey The SIX Figure “1-2-3 Clone Factory” Business Strategy: Lead Generation AND Copywriting IS Something OTHER People Do … FOR You … FOR Free


January 26th at 4:30 pm Oslo time / 10:30 am EST: BONUS – 90 minute LIVE CALL


Each call will last between 90 – 120 minutes 🙂 We will be using Zoom!


(Note that this will be a new and updated version of the steps below, excluding the pre-recorded Q&A. There are also added different to improve your success.)

Call #1: Master The Wordless Marketing

Marketing is everything you say and DON’T say. Allow everything you DON’T say to PERMANENTLY repell refunds, freak-outs & ‘’yes, but NO 3 days later’’ prospects.

Let EVERY un-written word be a ‘’client selector’’, so only the clients that MIRRORS your unquestionable worth, and bring you the $$ without issues, resonate with your marketing.

Re-arrange everything you ARE at home, so you change what you DON’T say, and completely remove ‘’can’t afford’’ & ‘’need-to-ask-husband’’ prospect’s attraction to your marketing.

Learn how to use what you DON’T say, to raise above ANY insecuri-ties in you OR your environment (without doing any healing work). Ac-cess the un-breakable confidence already within you.

Call #2: Master The Magic Marketing Mirror

Marketing is not about getting more likes, comments & engagement. It’s all about removing objections before they come and pre-sell, so clients ask for the sale before you even get the chance.

Understand how your most shameful (and traumatic) experiences can be used as a magnetic bridge between you and the clients that will sign up without objections.

Use your story to remove objections from your sales-calls, before the clients come 😉

Understand how to align with your ideal clients EMOTIONAL pain, even if they are waaaay ahead of you (and you have not experienced the same yet). Learn the art of becoming relatable to anyone you want, so the clients on higher levels, that’s willing to pay $5,000, can pay attention to you.

Use your marketing to guide your clients intellect on an intriguing path that makes you, and your evolutionary genius, the only thing that captures and sustain their attention.

(Every video or post you do will be within a sequence of perfect teasers, that in the end, your ideal clients head simply explodes in awe of you – and you alone – reach out and asks to pay).

Call #3: Master The Land Of Zero Objections

Sales-calls are not about selling to clients. It’s all about clients selling themselves to you.

Understand how to take your prospects heart AND head on an exciting journey during your sales-call, so you don’t need to pitch in the end.

They will freely ask YOU for the sale.

(Once you learn this: you can throw all your ‘’bypass objection’’ trainings in the trash. You won’t need them ;).

Understand exactly how health, sex, relationships & business are interconnected and naturally explain your clients problem AND solution in a creative way that simply makes your prospect feel you are:

Without Competition.

Perfect if youre getting a lot: ‘’I am going to sign up with another coach’’ objections.

Understand the secret language behind ANY objection.

Behind every no ALWAYS lies an equally strong yes, regardless of the objection.

Once you get this, you will speak to the YES only, and GET it, without feeling pushy, forceful or like you’re convincing anyone.

Objection Free Zone All The Way.

Call #4: Master The Enchanted Confidence

Mindset is not something you ‘’practice’’ daily and then throw on top of marketing. Mindset is all about accessing your Enchanted Confidence which markets & sells like The Queen Herself.

 Understand how to take on your invisible confidence cloak, which makes you LOVE rejections, no’s and other people thinking you’re ‘’too bitchy’’ … ‘’too much’’ … ‘’too bossy’’.

(without removing any limiting beliefs).

Hear the ONE question that triggers steal FOCUS and execution in ANYBODY (also you), regardless of … well … anything.

When you find your answer (which will be unique to you), you’ll access the same focus as Tony Robbins & Tiger Woods smashed together 😉

Integrate in your mind the power of personal CHOICE, so you start to repell clients that comes with HUGE baggage on your sales-calls.

Clients with personal disasters, emotional drama & financial indecisiveness.

Call #5, 6, 7: Master Your Questions

Your questions are already answered:

Listen to 20+ participants being coached on the exact questions I KNOW you will ask going through this Bootcamp.
Questions like…….

What to wear in your selfies (and no, you don’t need a fancy photoshoot to sell), and how to speak against your competition to stand out in your marketing.

(especially when you really want to hide under the bed instead!)

Why your PERFECT clients and niche are NOT the same.

Learn how to find higher level clients that pays more, WITHIN your niche, so $5K sale is a no-brainer for both of you.

The exact process to use when you feel you simply suck.

Understand that CONSISTENT confidence (and so, your ability to sell) is found within your programs, NOT in you trying to talk yourself up again and again.

During Your Private Time With Charlotte:

Imagine waking up in the morning sending a contract to a multiple 7-figure owner, the SAME month you signed another client with half a million in revenue?

This is what my clients do while working with me.

Before they came they could only sell to:

(‘’beginner’’) 6-figure entrepreneurs — which is the industry norm.

Selling to several multiple 6 + 7 figure entrepreneurs is normal among my private/high-end group clients. It’s not just something one client did 😉

Just ask them.

A completely new awareness of WHO among your past clients are dying to get back to you, exactly WHAT to do with them (for major return on their investment, including $$) that’s EASY for you to deliver.

In this step alone lies $5K-$10K cash without you needing to do any marketing.

Upgrade your current client-tele, by seeing the unique next transformation of each client (that you love), which will give them increased results in … their love life, sexual life, health and business, like they’ve never seen before.

$20,000 cash (minimum) is already hidden within your current client-tele, if you’re charging anything between $3K – $5K pr package.

From $40 in the bank to your FIRST $12,000 SALE.

$20,000 booked ($6,200 cash) in 40 DAYS.

Imagine this:

You have $40 in your bank.

You’re selling one-off sessions, trying to convince clients why they NEED you.

You repeatedly here: «I can’t invest», «I need to wait«, and so you’re dependent on your partner to pay the bills.

You’ve invested multiple 5-figures in business coaching, $10K packages, but you’re left feeling like you’re a weirdo since you can’t seem to return the investments.

June 2017, you sign up for the 5-week *Enchanted Selling Bootcamp*.

What happens?

In 6 WEEKS you make $20,000 ($6,200 cash). This includes your FIRST ever $12,000 SALE. (From a 10 min conversation with a lady already PRE-sold).

Your easiest sale ever!


No, this is Brenda’s $tory.

She started to take the blinders off, and saw exactly why her work was brilliant, how her $oul markets and how she gets ASKED for the $ale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this perfect for?

This is perfect for you if you keep hearing «I really NEED your help, but I cannot afford your service» or ANY form of «I can’t» on your sales calls. If you have a lot of followers and still struggle with the closure in sales, and wonder when your finally hitting that $10,000 month, that’s even better.

 This is also perfect for you if you struggle to TALK to your prospects in the way that makes them EAGERLY fall in love with you and ask to pay you in FULL.

 This is ideally for coaches, however, there is a lot of unique psychology into marketing, sales and buyer behaviors. It’s the best material you’ll find on marketing and business development, so it’s applicable to ANY industry.(as also can see from the testimonials).

 If you’re in marketing, energy or mindset programs and STILL feel having your $10K month is difficult and frustrating.

Who is this NOT for?

If you’re NOT serious about your business, and NOT making sales (and struggling + overwhelm) is OK with you.

If the only way to invest in this program is when you sign new clients.

(This goes against the $piritual Law of Abundance. You have to give first in order to receive from another. And I KNOW you’ve been investing a lot, so had I, yet, the law is the law).

 If you’re NOT willing to do anything in order to succeed and if being in mediocrity is OK.

 If you’re afraid of taking BOLD actions.

And you’re afraid of having a NO EXCUSE attitude.

What if I’m a beginner?

That’s all cool, as long as you have a CLEAR idea of what you desire to sell.

The more confident you are in your offer / idea, the better of course.

You DON’T need to know how to sell (I cover that), but you need to have the clarity.

 This is the program I wish I had in the beginning (BEFORE I invested 5-figures on telesummits, webinar trainings, FB ads & mindset courses that didn’t get me anywhere), so it’s perfect if you’ve tried all that.

What if I can’t afford it?

Then this is a NO brainer.

You cannot ask someone to do something you’re not willing to do yourself (as they won’t take you seriously), so if you want to ask someone to buy from you, and you don’t have $1,500 in your account, you cannot afford NOT to be in this program.

From 1-2 customers per month to 6-8 per WEEK.

(and $8,500 CA$H per month is now your new level ;))

Imagine this:

You’re a bit shy and don’t bother to take up too much space.

You’re making $5,000 per month as a consultant.

You [and your MLM team] close an average of 1-2 customers per month.

You’ve also talked with a lot of ‘guru’ coaches, and DON’T want any more crap.

January 2017, you join the *Enchanted Selling* Bootcamp.


What happens?

 You realize the money has always been right in front of your nose.

 You (and your team) close 6-8 customers per WEEK, you increase your ca$h from $5,000 to $8,500, AND the questions your prospects ask magically change from «So, who have you worked with before?» into «What’s your price? We want to work with you now!»

Yes … this is Martin Antonio.

He discovered the $ecrets behind STOP selling … and being ASKED for the $ale instead.

(Watch!!! It’s priceless. 😉 )

From $2K months to $11.2K Booked ($6,500 cash) in less than 35 days. 😎

(Including first $6K (90 day) SALE. ($1.1K deposit on call).

How you go from $1,083 pr month in 2019, to $3.8K cash (+ your first $1.7K SALE) in 35 days! 😄

(In case you want more LEADS and finally get a

RETURN on your investments)

More Questions?



Want to see more testimonials?

Click HERE.


Can’t wait to see you inside the program.

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