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1. Use the empowered feminine IN your marketing to become energetically RECEPTIVE for easy sales:



(my first sexual experience — pay attention to the story-telling part….)

(how I was scared of my EX coming home drunk — pay attention to the story-telling part ….)

2. Align with how your clients FEEL (their emotional state of mind) to energetically attract them TO you:


*There is something wrong with me…

*I can make a mistake…

*Am I the ONLY one?

*WTF is my problem?

*I feel like a fraud…

*I doubt myself/feel insecure…




How I got 35+ Discovery Sessions in a month … when I stopped using the *must have* client attraction formulas. 

[Or how to allow your $oul to sell FOR you].



After being in yet another investment … and still hearing crickets from my posts [and «I can’t afford it» from my sales-calls] … I started to feel there was something seriously wrong going on.

With ME …

You know, watching all the other people celebrating $10,000 months [or even $50,000] wasn’t really adding to the lack of confidence I already had either.

Why was it so hard for ME?

I knew I had to work of course [money doesn’t just fly in from nothing] … but I didn’t think it was meant to be THAT hard.

And you know what?

I was right.

Turned out it wasn’t ME that was the fucking problem … but the stuff I had been taught that was proven *to work* that messed it up. 



You see, analyzing my past didn’t really work for me.

Meditation didn’t either.

Neither did working on my «high vibe» or manifesting with the Law Of Attraction.

Strategy usually overwhelmed me [you know, with all the stuff I HAD to do].

I was at the point of being really tired of trying to convince anyone they NEEDED to work with me, and why I was so awesome.



So you know what I did?

I started to give ZERO fuck.

I started to say the EXACT things I saw for people [hello, intuition], and didn’t give a shit whether it was *marketable … or not … likable or NOT*.

I started to talk about WHY so many women invest, yet, with little return [so yep, you’re NOT alone].

And you’re not destined to be an unsuccessful ca$e study.



What happened?

I got over 35+ Discovery sessions … and my first $9,000 week shortly after.

[and I had never made a sale before … YEP! TRUE!!!].

I had officially found the divine EASE … I originally wanted all along.

I just had to do DO the stuff everyone said WON’T sell.

That’s when I sold 😉


And I will say  the SAME to you.

When it’s NOT working … you’re NOT in the right investment.

And it’s NOT anything inherently wrong with you 😉

You just need to allow your RAW … unfiltered YOU out.

And you’ll get it to!

Promise 😉


Charlotte Laubo Berg




Tangible MASCULINE OUTCOMES that explains what YOU do….

(used in your marketing AND on your sales-calls….).


—> You finally gain CLARITY in your $oul… and allow true SELF to RAISE your FEE’s.


—> Raise your vibration to the vibration of EFFORTLESS receiving… so you can finally END waking up 3 AM in the morning worrying about if you’ll ever be successful.


—> You’ll close SALES without really trying (just cause you’re finally feeling WORTH it… and you’re allowing money to come TO you)…


—> Be SEEN by the MAN you really want … and finally feel FREE, on the inside too.


—> LAND that *WOW…is this for real?!* JOB opportunity you’ve been dreaming about…


—> Live in integrity with your $oul… (and be RESPECTED at work).


—> People will come and ASK if they can buy from you…


—> You’ll TRUST your intuition … and you’ll receive opportunities PERFECT for you.

(get the hell out of overwhelm).


—> You’ll attract WOMEN (and clients) which LOVES you …


—> Your veins will finally be FILLED with confidence … so you’re attracting *WOW…will you please marry me?* quality men 😉


—> You’ll NEVER reach for that extra snack EVER again … and you’ll wake up FILLED with energy in the morning.


—> Your HEALTH will skyrocket and make SURE you receive everything you could possibly desire…

(NO more 3 AM sneaky-chocolate-ICE-cream eatings… and feeling BAD afterwards). 


—> Watch as your body magically DROPS that extra weight you’re carrying around… and feel SAFE to be completely SEEN in your body AND… in your success.


—> You’ll finally feel CONFIDENT enough to be asked (or ASK) for that fucking epic promotion.


—> You’ll never have to attend another mindset-course again … when you finally REALIZE the pleasure (and $$) was right in front of your nose.

(after talking with me of course 😉


—> You’ll be RESPECTED as a leader at work… and you’ll attracted amazing employees into your company, that will follow your guidance eagerly. 


—> Allow your $oul to magnetize your BRAND, and access the frequency behind being attractive to your UNIQUE buyers…


—> Let your $oul speak through your photos, and magnetize $oul clients TO you (and finally hit that 10,000$ month).


—> NEVER again waiver in your *larger-than-life MISSION*… and let your $oul mission attract exactly what you DESIRE.


—> You’ll never again waiver in your CAREER (or what the HELL you’re supposed to do).

Wave goodbye to procrastination …. and staring at the ceiling 3 AM in the night.


—> Your environment will TRIGGER your feminine successful IDEAS… and when you execute those ideas, you’ll receive EXACTLY what your $oul always wanted.


—> Raise your VIBRATION so you see EXACTLY what you came here to do.

NO need to invest in more energetic work WITHOUT figuring it out…


—> Get aligned with the perfect PR opportunities you NEVER thought you could have … i’ll show you why they are already waiting for you 😉


—> You’ll get the SHORTCUT… into the hottest PR spots that will attract AMAZING buyers + opportunities…

(How about we make that 10 year GOAL of yours happen THIS year instead? 😉


—> Finally BE that woman which EASILY magnetize women that WANTS to work with her…

(NO more doubting if you can fucking do this… you CAN!)


—> You’ll finally taste what EASE feels like… and TURN ON your ability to receive 😉

(if you’re overwhelmed by all the online stuff you NEED to do… this is for YOU!)


—> Allow your astro-chart to ca$t a magic SPELL on… YOU.
(NO more questioning if those hunches are real).

Finally ACT on those *WOW* opportunities your $oul is WAITING to reveal to you.


—> Allow your POSTURE… to trigger your walking-on-water CONFIDENCE… and magnetize CA$H TO YOU… by the way you… WALK.


—> Access your $ales GENIUS… by STOP talking about SALES.

(your hidden AUTHENTICITY …. is all you need).


—> You’ll see why your DARK… (turned into LIGHT)… is the KEY to your 20,000$ month.


—> Your intuition will SKYROCKET… and you’ll never doubt if you’re meant to USE those gifts in the world.

(perfect if you CAN’T close sales… and you’ve invested shit tons in energy work). 


—> Turn ON your sexual energy… and allow money to BOW down at your FEET.



(or how to be perceived as VALUEABLE + AUTHORATIVE)


How to invite for SALES-calls, PM’s or join your program.
(Used in the end of your content in your marketing).




Network marketing/events…



Example 1:

I’m inviting you for a 45 minutes NO cost makeover session//MAGIC hour (make up your own intriguing word) where we will:

>> Discover exactly what needs to happen for you to LEAVE your $piritual closet, align with your $oul’s work… and MISSION.

(If you’re fucking tired of investing in healing and not yet filled with unshakeable confidence in YOU … we need to talk NOW)


>> Let my Intuitive Laser Gifts (and astrology $uperpowers) show you EXACTLY where you’re stopping yourself (and what needs to happen for you to have a mind-blowing breakthrough….) THIS week.  


PM’ me…

(or fill this form out) 😉

Example 2:

I’m inviting you for a 45 minutes NO cost makeover session//MAGIC hour (make up your own intriguing word) where we will:


>> Use my 10 years with (fill in what you’re epic at) to reveal EXACTLY where your $10,000 month is hiding in your business right now, and what you need to DO to receive it.

(and NO… you don’t need more photo shoots or webinar trainings.

Hint: it’s EASIER than that).


PM’ me…

(or fill this form out) 😉



Frame your intuition as something amazing they CANNOT miss ….


Past Experiences/credibility:

Fame your credibility as something amazing they CANNOT miss…


How invitations are meant to be used – example:

(extra FUN…. this is a post I posted 14th of July 2015 when I was exactly where some of you are. NO sales yet… attracted freebie seekers, run away people etc…and 2 weeks later had my first $9,000 WEEK).


<<Why leaving my spiritual closet SKYROCKET my business>>



I used to be scared to DEATH of what other people would think of me if I came out with my secret…. I was spiritual. Not only was I spiritual, but I could do things other couldn’t. And it went beyond being sensitive. I instantly knew what a soul needed, what their soul purpose was, what they came here to learn, and who they came here to be. I could show them what would change their whole world, business, and heal past life traumas… as in this life.

I remembered past lives, and I could help other remember WHY they chose to learn whatever lessons they needed to learn =)



If you read this post I know this is you. You have gifts. You KNOW you are supposed to use them. But you are scared… Not just scared… Scared to death.

But Let me tell you…

It will be WORTH it. You will feel relieved. You will NOT have any secrets anymore. You will be YOU and you will SHINE. AND it will be SAFE.



What happened is that my business SKYROCKET after I started to be TRUE to myself and my gifts. I started to send out a new powerful vibe – a vibe that was in harmony with the success I really desired. It was like I stated: I AM POWERFUL! I AM GIFTED! I AM HERE TO SERVE YOU! I’M NOT HIDING ANYMORE! I VALUE ME! And people started to come… Once I made the decision… Every person that was meant to help me came into my life. Coaches, peers, friends and clients. I started to create amazing responds to my offers…. I easily attracted people to sign up for my discovery session daily. I schedule 33+ Discovery Sessions in ONE month… now, that was a NEW experience.

Trust me… I knew the strategy… and I had tried for months.



You see…. when all of your “branding” is ripped away – you are left with… YOU.

If you are not aligned with your POWER, what makes you unique… what would make you SELL and be of service regardless of your dress/picture/tagline?

YOU are your BRAND. YOU are your OFFER. When you decide to step into what you do the BEST.. That’s when you become irreplaceable.

With or without makeup 😉



Do you want to do this yourself? I’ll show you how!

I’m guiding 4 coaches to leave their spiritual closet, aligning with their soul work, and find 10K… THIS month. Could it be YOU?

Click here to claim your session!


If you feel called, I’m inviting you for a 45 minutes no cost makeover session where we will:

>> Discover exactly what needs to happen for you to LEAVE your closet, and align with your soul work.

>> How to create 10K in your business, using your divine gifts.


Here is what I want you to do next:

  1. Click below, complete the application, click submit and that’s it.
  2. You will receive an email with a link for scheduling your session.


If you are not a perfect fit, I will gently tell you this and depending on what will serve you the most, recommend an alternative solution to the best of my ability.


Click here to claim your session!



(unique insights are great for promoting…. without promoting 😉


Ask yourself:

1) What does my client experience right now she/he DOESN’T want?


2) WHY does my client think she/he is experiencing that problem? (what does SHE/HE think is the cause of that problem?).


3) What does my client think she NEEDS to solve the problem?


Your job is to tell her WHY that’s not the cause of it …. and give her a NEW (unique) explanation of what the real problem is, so she think she needs to invest in YOU.



ENERGY/$piritual type of clients:

(interested in LOA, energy, healing, business, emotions, meditation etc … *live out your $oul’s highest expression* is their favorite sentence 😉


What they experience that they DON’T want:

Low ca$h… (stuck at zero, or $3,000/$5,000 months f.eks).

Low self-esteem … (doubt themselves a lot, and doubt if they CAN live out their purpose).

Confused about what they are meant to do… their $piritual gifts … who they truly are etc.

Attract guys that cheat, or disrespect them…

Attract guys/clients that likes them — but they don’t like back… etc.


They THINK they experience this problem because:

**They are in LOW vibe… not aligned.

**They have a lot of blocks to heal.

**They think universe works in time (so waiting for divine timing).


What they THINK they need to solve the problem (where they put their $$):

**Energy work that focused on removing blocks….

**Healing (or any healing that doesn’t include actions) …

**Recipe marketing (so webinars, AD’s, funnels, photo shoots, branding, scripts, etc).

**Mindset work which analyze limiting beliefs + grounding meditations … (and that’s basically that).


What they REALLY need to solve the problem (your unique insights):


Explain WHY they don’t need webinars, funnels … or traditional energy/mindset work.


—> It doesn’t remove the feminine wounded IDEAS…. they need to act against, to let them GO (and raise their vibration).

(yes… and that’s uncomfortable… and that’s how they let them go, NOT by just becoming aware of them… AND meditating about it — that’s the wounded feminine in action).      

—> It’s NOTHING wrong with them… and they don’t need courses that say they need to FIX themselves, or looks for wrongs ….

This usually leaves them feeling there is something WRONG with them… which adds to the lack of confidence (and problem continues).

—> They just need to TALK to different people IN their marketing to get better results…. (a new relationship…. or starting dating DIFFERENT guys… or eat DIFFERENT food).

(and add ALL your insights about intuition/what you DO/how things really work to share with them instead…to change how they THINK).face




BUSINESS Energy/Corporate type of clients:

(interested in marketing, sales, strategies, leadership, success etc … *how to build a business + LEAD* is their favorite sentence 😉


What they experience that they DON’T want:

Low ca$h… (stuck at zero, or $3,000/$10,000 months also f.eks).

Low self-esteem … (doubt themselves a lot, and doubt if they are *expert* enough… or if they have good enough marketing… if they are good enough leaders/for higher positioning in companies etc).

Confused about how to attract BETTER people/jobs + close sales

Attract guys/women/ that cheat, or disrespect them…

Attract guys/women/CLIENTS that likes them — but they don’t like back… etc.


They THINK they experience this problem because:

**They NEED to work hard/hustle to accomplish MORE.

**They don’t have enough marketing….

**They don’t reach enough people…(same thinking as you just need to date more guys to find a good one, instead of change the types of guys you date).


What they THINK they need to solve the problem (where they put their $$):

**They need more marketing (AKA more stuff to implement… ADS, advertising, networking, posts, FUNNELS etc).

**Branding, expert… type of investments that makes them LOOK good.


What they REALLY need to solve the problem (your unique insights):


Explain WHY they don’t need more webinars, funnels … or to work HARDER to accomplishing more.


—> It doesn’t make them MEET the right people (and quality opportunities/visibility) they really want…. since they are still «dating» the same type of guy/business peeps.

—> They don’t get more visible/accomplished by working more … since (as above) they need the right opportunities, and in order for them to get those, they need to feel worthy to think they CAN meet better opportunities…

(hence why they need you to point this out for them … since everyone else is going to tell them they need more marketing, stuff to do etc).

(and add ALL your insights about intuition/what you DO/how things really work to share with them instead…to change how they THINK).



Are designed to capture ATTENTION (so your clients actually gives a shit about you 😉 


Examples of what NOT to have as title:

**How to LIVE your fullest expression ….

**EMBODY your gifts….

**Live in full integrity…


**I’m speaking the truth…

**Trust your deepest desires…

**Want to live life on your terms?

**High level of brilliance….

**Are you willing to live your dreams?

**Yesterday I saw a fox in the food… and it was a sign great things are coming.

**How to live in the 3D world….

**Activate your soul genius…

**Reclaim your powers…

**Choosing your reality…

**Let’s talk about sales-funnels…

**Channeling my queen-hood…

**Facing your fears will change your business…

**When I wasn’t empowered in my sexuality I used to judge women that were…

**You’re a orgasmic person….

**Awakening is about being who you truly are…

**Men are sexy….

**(or having NO title…).


(there is NO specificity as to WHO you’re talking to, so it doesn’t capture specific attention …. it goes to everyone, and you don’t build authority within your marketing — or makes sure that your client sees you as their only option… and runs after their $$$).


Examples of what TO have within titles:

**Why I ditched working on my limiting beliefs + energy blocks…. and picked up my sacred YONI EGG’s instead.

[do you also want soulmate client’s eager to PAY..*and* PM you asking for the sale?  ?? Read on….].


**Let your $oul speak THROUGH your photos… and finally magnetize your $oul clients TO you…

[tired of having the BEST BRANDING photos… and still not at $20,000 month? Yep, I thought so].


**What my Astro Powers taught me about true $OUL confidence (and quality sex ;).

[just in ca$e you want to know how to never again invest your a$$ off… without seeing the RESULTS you crave].


**Why you are getting a 100$ deposit … for a 5,000$ package.
[or why I was hiding under my bed when my EX came home DRUNK…].


  • It tackles what doesn’t work form them… (specifically who + unique frustration)
  • It takes unique solution (so unique insights… with Yoni Egg’s f.eks)
  • It tackles masculine outcomes…
  • It tackles empowered feminine (share your dark-shit)…



**Freaking amazing (no promo)

**Ignite your truth (promo allowed for value first)

**The Spiritual BadASS bo$$ lady (promo allowed for 3 x value posts/videos etc).

**The Entrepreneur Incubator (no promo)

**(FFE) The Smart Leaders Sales Society (promo allowed for 3 x value posts/videos).

**The Infinite Receivers Club (promo allowed with value as well).


Add ALL other groups you know of to the others… in our private FB group 😉



As you know all this.

It’s impossible NOT to succeed 😉





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