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FREEBIE #1: Livestream

❤️‍🔥 Client Case Study: 🔥

How To OVERdeliver Your 5-Figure PROMISE With ONE $18,000 CA$H Sale In 24 HOURS


ONE $140,000 Client CA$H Result REPUTATION In … 24 DAYS.

[Even If You NEVER Had A Client RETURN Their Investment With YOU … Just Like My Client] 🙌



What This Livestream Is About:


$18,000 FULL pay SALE.

Now if you imagine that this bank transfer is YOURS, does it first feel fabulous 😊
and then … DREAD.

What will you DO with her for that money?

What if you get asked for a REFUND? 


Worry not because this is exactly how EVERY private client of mine feels when they reach out to me.

Sales is the easy part. AFTER the sale is where things get messy.

Unless of course you are working with ME. 😊


And you know what, for this livestream I will walk you thru ALL the steps just like if you were my private client: 

1. SCAN 🔥:
The peeps commenting with ONE Intuitive Profiler L#1 PROFILE designed for sales [done FOR you 😉].

2. SELL 🔥:
To YOUR person or the ONE completing your UNIQUE Intuitive [L#1] and Cognitive ARCHITECTURE. .

3. SCARE 🔥:
F your person is a MATCH for your L#2 level:

DARK drives: it’s 6- FIGURE ca$h baby in LESS than 30 days. 😊 .

[only for L#2 match]: Use my own 4 level DEEP Intuitive Profiler to guide you thru L#2 inevitable TRIGGERS once the HIGH from the quantum leap fizzles out.

[so that everything you say is the RIGHT thing to say and you can avoid client flying off to emotional NARNIA] . . .

Nice, no?

After spending my first year as a new coach struggling to sell vocal coaching and making total of $700 😊 it is no secret that I HATE doing things the hard way.

Working hard as in BEFORE the sale: 
… Marketing 24/7 … Sundays included … friending, engaging, commenting, connecting because …

… you need to attract more leads as only MORE sales will plug in the crater left by RENEWAL rate close to ZERO …

… but then people are just NOT buying … they CAN’T afford it … they will do it LATER … or it’s too EXPENSIVE. . .


Which is why the TEMPLATE nation struggles to understand: .

* WHY things STOP to work when they do

* WHY their client CA$H results miss a ZERO

* WHY their RENEWAL rate is waaay LESS than 90% [and yes, $2.5K group programs included]

* WHY they secretly HATE people they work with [oh yessss, while selling YOU into “perfect MATCH clients”] . .

Well, NO fairy = NO fairy dust.

Wanna be a FAIRY?

Watch above 😉



FREEBIE #2: Livestream

🔥 Client Case Study:
Free Your UNICORN From The ‘’Magical’’ Marketing DUNGEON.

Scale to $59,000 cash WEEKS… 72 hours, just like my clients.

‘’3-Level Deep’’ Selling & Intuitive Profiler Fairy Dust. ⚔️🙌🏻



What This Livestream Is About:


Scale to $59,000 cash *WeekS*, they said ☺️
This shall be your new NORM, yes?
But the ‘magical’ revolutionary marketing is not really working?

Bummer, huh?

Well, my lady.
Unicorns can NEVER scale through someone else’s marketing TEMPLATE. 🔥

Or anyone’s ‘marketing innovation’ for that matter.


However, if you remove:

The lame-ass templates.

 All the ASS-kissing ‘’24/7 engagement’’ you’ve been taught.

 And open yourself up to the Intuitive Profiler Fairy DUST:

You are ready to see HOW my clients can SCALE from $10,000 months to $59,000 weeks *without all* the BS.
🦄 Unicorn Proven. 🦄
**Let me give you a PEEK into the HOW behind the FAIRY**:

#1: SCAN all the people in your AUDIENCE:
🔥 Intuitive Profiler PROFILE #L1 = *Done 4 You*.

STAY AWAY from Clients With A Childhood Programming Involving: ‘’SPLIT’’-attention.
Even if they pay you $20,000 in full with EASE, they will NEVER get proper results with you.

Prepare to be BLAMED and for credit card chargebacks.
#2: SELECT the people:
🔥 Matching Your Unique Intuitive And Cognitive Architecture #L1.

Do NOT choose:
#1: People in a romantic relationship, AND with an Unconscious *Masculine Agony Addiction*.

(After they pay, they WILL…slowly….and unexpectedly….project their addition YOUR way).
Your gifts and sense of UNIQUENESS will be reduced to DUST.
Publicly or privately.
🎉 Choose THESE people instead: 🎉
#2: People with #L1 Light Drives = 5 Figure cash results.
#3: People with #L2 Dark Drives = 6 figure cash results.

Yes, this means your new CLIENT can reach 6-figure cash in 30 DAYS.

They indeed match YOUR Unicorn.
(Yes, this is also DONE for you by moi ;)).

#3: SELL to these people through ‘3 Level Deep Selling’.


-> One $20,000 (90 day) full pay sale from a DM.
-> One $20,000 (90 day) full pay sale from a Livestream.
-> One $19,000 (90 day) full pay sale from an OLD client.

In 72 HOURS: Even if you’ve NEVER closed a 5-figure full pay sale before, just like my client. 🔥

DM, marketing or NO marketing?


You pick.
It ALL works at the SAME time instantly after Intuitive Profiler PROFILE #L1 💙


FREEBIE #3: Livestream

DISRUPT Any Excuse BEFORE It Happens.

Get Your First $15,000 FULL Pay Sale Client … THIS Week. 🎉.
Not exactly what you’ve been taught, right?




What This Livestream Is About:

I bet you have been taught ATTRACTION marketing. 💥


It’s all about ATTRACTING ….. people, right?

And yes, I must say I agree with your coach. ☺️


IF the goal was for you to be a part of the “just another coach NO ONE gives crap about” merry 24/7 MARKETING crowd,
that is.
I know that crowd very well.
My clients used to be a part of that crowd, too.
Before they started to work with me, that is. ☺️
You see, you don’t need to ATTRACT something that’s already there.
You just need to:



(And pay VERY close attention to this, since it’s the cause behind my clients …
wicked “From $10,000 month to $80,000 cash in 30 days” leaps.)


And what I’ll walk you through during this Livestream:
1. 🔥 DIVE:

Submarine DEEP into the SUBconscious voices BEHIND the conscious words.


SEE with ONE Intuitive Profiler [L#1] PROFILE with atom splitting ACCURACY.
From the WHY behind ANY why to the size of their knickers.
Forget about IDEAL client profile.
Anyone who is not BORN to work with YOU.

Or anyone DISaligned from your UNIQUE Intuitive and Cognitive ARCHITECTURE.


Or what makes you SPECIAL.
Forget about certified PAIN-in-the-AR$E peeps you were told are NORMAL.
EGO cheerfully rubbing hands expecting “So, what do you DO?” scripted chat.
ONE … custom INTUITIVE profiler message WRAPPED around her SUBconscious storm will do.
Forget about OBJECTIONS. Just sell.

“Just like any other coach NO ONE gives crap about” merry 24/7 MARKETING crowd.


Infuse your marketing with your UNIQUE Intuitive And Cognitive ARCHITECTURE.
Get ASKED for sale.
Forget about engagement. ONE post will do.




I’m Charlotte Laubo Berg,
*The Norwegian Sales Viking*


If you’re a coach, consultant or online service provider,
you’ve come to the right place…

These freebies are  perfect if you have:

… Invested a ton in ATTRACTION marketing,
and feel 
DONE with that shit…. 

… Already built a 6 figure business… 

… Been told that being SPIRITUAL will not sell …

… Been told to tone it DOWN …

Just to be clear:
If you have a roof over your head + working internet connection
… you can do this!

Leave the HOW to me 😉

Charlotte Laubo Berg

Here’s What Our Clients Say:

How To Close $12,000 SALE … in 24 HOURS
(With ONE Intuitive Profiler #L0 BONUS) 

From ZERO to $27,000 CASH in 35 DAYS
(First $5,000 90 day package in full)

From inconsistent $20K months to
$65K in sales and $57K cash
after 31 days

From $18,000 in 4 months to $39,700 ($26,600 cash) in FIVE days.
Then $90,000 ($84,000 cash) in 60 days.

From $15,000 months to $84,000 
($41,000 cash) in 33 days. 

Then her FIRST $113,000 
($19,000 deposit) 6 month SALE.

From (inconsistent) $20K months to $48,000 in sales and $39,000 cash with 5 sales
within 30 days

From NO sales in 6 months to $2300 in
7 DAYS [ASKED for the sale$].
[total of $7300 in sales / $5500
ca$h after 35 DAYS]

From $4,000 a month to $53,000
in 72 hours.
Fastest $50K SALE
record broken!

From 1-2 customers per month
to 6-8 per WEEK.

(and $8,500 CA$H per month
is now your new level)

From NO $10,000 sale in 13 months
to $12,000 sale 72 HOURS
after first session (!!) and after
4 months: $173K in cash

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

©2024 Charlotte Laubo-Berg. All rights reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Financial Disclaimer

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