$1,000 until 30th of April 2020

So Right Now…


We’re in chaotic times.

Virus is spreading fast, we are socially distancing and some businesses are shutting down.

For YOU this means it has NEVER been more important to make cash: INSTANTLY.

And adapting to what your future clients wants to BUY (even during this Virus epidemic).

Times have changed.

Things that used to work before, aren’t going to work any longer.

Like selling 6 month/12 month programs….using 90 days to launch….setting up online courses….bartering…lowering your prices (even though the last two didn’t work before anyways! *wink wink*).

So right now, all that matters for your future clients are RESULTS.

QUICK results.

Proof that will take them out of fear, out of epidemic mode, so they can see they do not only need to survive, they can THRIVE.


That’s Why I Created: 


”Structure & Sell Out Your Group Program in 72 HOURS with ZERO Sales Calls”.

If mastering the art of leaping from idea to cash THIS week is important…..this is for YOU!



A TWO-part 60 min LIVE call series:



Design A Group Program & Sell It Within 72 Hours


How to find what you’re really good at (and create a program around it).

Just imagine how many love coaches or health coaches we need now everyone is stuck inside together 😉

How to make sure your program will SELL (even during the Virus epidemic).

Understand exactly what will sell & what will not.

How to make sure your clients will get RESULTS in your program. 

Yes, that’s financial results as well, even if you’re a love coach.



How To Find PAYING Clients Within 72 Hours

Immediately find your first 5 clients (even without marketing or sales calls).

Yes, your first 5 clients already served.

Learn how to close clients (even just in your PM’s without feeling salesy).

No need for sales calls unless you want them.

This is you if…


  • You want cash NOW

  • Don’t want to waste more time with lack of sales

  • Want to MAKE SURE you have a 6-figure business in 2020 even during the epidemic


#1.These two live call are accessible for everyone in my 7-Week Sales Bootcamp (www.charlottelauboberg.com), but can be bought separately here as well.


#2. LIVE CALLS will be held on Zoom, end of May 2020.


#3. When you buy you get INSTANT access to our private FB GROUP filled with amazing women who are already making money during this epidemic.

(Because they are already part of my 7-Week ($2.5K) Sales Bootcamp).

(Value Access FB Group: Priceless).


This is so you can get help & inspiration from the other ladies to sell right away (if you don’t want to wait until May).

Here are some of what my other clients have done:

From $2K months to $11.2K Booked ($6,500 cash) in less than 35 days. 😎

(Including first $6K (90 day) SALE. ($1.1K deposit on call).

From $42,000 booked within 30 DAYS to $110,000 booked / $46,000 CASH within 7 DAYS.

Imagine this:

You’ve never done a 6-figure-month

Most of your clients do NOT listen to you, are OVER-due with their payment or are taking a vacation from your coaching.

You question yourself and your gifts (can I really do this?).

You’re terrified of being a BITCH (or simply being *mean*) if you speak your un-filtered opinion.

You’re having NO fun, you’re tired and want to run AWAY from more sales-calls (and your work).

This was Lorna Johnson.

Late March there are TWO small tweaks that takes place, and this happens:

In 7 DAYS you make $110,000 (and $46,000 ca$h), collapsing your whole March (42,000$) into $46,000 CASH.

Not ONE, but several $17,000 FULL PAYS.

You have your first 6-figure-month.

You wanna sell ALL the time (you’re in LOVE), and your frustration turns into BIG excitement. 

Clients excited to work with you.


Not for Charlotte’s private clients.

Watch for the whole story!

How you go from $1,083 pr month in 2019, to $3.8K cash (+ your first $1.7K SALE) in 35 days! 😄

(In case you want more LEADS and finally get a RETURN on your investments)

How you go from $

From $40 in the bank to your FIRST $12,000 SALE.

$20,000 booked ($6,200 cash) in 40 DAYS.

Imagine this:

You have $40 in your bank.​

You’re selling one-off sessions, trying to convince clients why they NEED you.

You repeatedly here: «I can’t invest», «I need to wait«, and so you’re dependent on your partner to pay the bills.

You’ve invested multiple 5-figures in business coaching, $10K packages, but you’re left feeling like you’re a weirdo since you can’t seem to return the investments.

June 2017, you sign up for the 5-week *Enchanted Selling Bootcamp*.

What Happens?

In 6 WEEKS you make $20,000 ($6,200 cash). This includes your FIRST ever $12,000 SALE. (From a 10 min conversation with a lady already PRE-sold).

Your easiest sale ever!

What Happens?

No, this is Brenda’s $tory.

She started to take the blinders off, and saw exactly why her work was brilliant, how her $oul markets and how she gets ASKED for the $ale.

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