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Genius Sales Intensive – July 2020

Video 1: 16 min all the way to 1:23:22 min
Back-End Delivery Teachings + Ideal Clients Problems

I then did a ‘’practice role-playing’’ with them — to go through the steps in the back-end.
I pretended I was the client listening to them, and then interrupted / asked questions if I didn’t get something, to show them where the holes are.
I also connected that back to what they actually SELL (their delivery), so they felt more confident in that.

Then I just showed them few SUPER-small ‘’tactics’’ to get more of the right people on their Livestream, because everyone were supposed to do a Livestream (with the back-end steps) the following week.
F.eks: go into a FB group and tag the owner (if ideal client), and write an intro where you ‘’sell without selling’’.
(I created one ‘’small tactic’’ for each person that fitted from exactly where they are).

This was a LOT of interactions, so I didn’t include in the video.
This is pretty much the end of day 1.

Video 2: 3:40 min to 35:55 min
All about front-end copy template

Then they had 20 minutes to copy + paste the template with the client results they had picked to talk about.

And then I tweak their copy (15 min each), so it’s good. There were a lot of interactions there, so I didn’t include it in the video.

And then I did mini client-readings for each participant (2-6 names for each).
However, it was a super-duper small reading (not like the process we outlined), so we had the issue with they still didn’t know how to close (or talk about themselves).
I gave them what to say, but not HOW to say it.

That was the end of day 2 🙂

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